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Todd C. Ognibene, Ph.D., P.C.

Effective remediation of learning and attentional difficulties starts with their proper identification.

Let a comprehensive, diagnostic LD/ADHD evaluation be the first step toward helping your child achieve more fully to his or her potential.

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Meet Dr.O

Todd C. Ognibene, Ph.D., P.C.

Hello and Welcome

I am a dually licensed school and clinical psychologist in the state of Colorado. I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Denver in 2002 and have served as a licensed and nationally certified school psychologist with Jefferson County Public Schools since then.


My extensive training and experience in both clinical and school psychology have allowed me to pursue my career ambition, namely, to help children, adolescents, and young adults with identifying and overcoming obstacles to their academic success and emotional well-being.  

What Drives Me

Children who struggle in school often exhibit a pattern of academic underachievement that leaves them feeling frustrated and with a sense of failure. Oftentimes, such children have a learning disability and/or attentional difficulty that interferes with their ability to reach their potential and that has detrimental effects on their social and emotional functioning, including feelings of low self-esteem and self-efficacy.


I derive tremendous satisfaction in helping to remove these barriers to success by assessing, and properly identifying, their underlying causes. Once identified, scientifically-based interventions can be implemented to help students capitalize upon their strengths and remediate areas of relative weakness.

It has been written, “Once an individual knows their diagnosis, the 'world changes.' Often following years of frustration, disappointment, and self-doubt, of thinking that they are dumb, there is suddenly an explanation and a name to the difficulties. It is not a problem of “not trying hard enough” or “a lack of intelligence,” it is because a phonological deficit, in spite of their average or high intelligence and strong effort, prevents them from reading and achieving at a level and rate according to their intellect.”


(Shaywitz, Weiss, Saklofske, & Shaywitz, 2016, p. 283, Translating scientific progress in dyslexia into twenty-first century diagnosis and interventions. In L.G. Weiss, D.H. Saklofske, J.A. Holdnack, & A. Prifitera (Eds.), WISC-V Assessment and Interpretation (p. 269-286). London, England: Elsevier)

The Key to Learning? Never Stop

A lifelong learner, I am dedicated to continually advancing my craft through ongoing professional development and collaboration, both as a clinical psychologist and as a nationally certified school psychologist. It is my professional responsibility and my passion.

Integrity and Work Ethic

My Work in the Schools


     IB Learner Profile

After receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Denver in 2002, I completed the re-specialization licensure program in School Psychology at the University of Colorado at Denver. Since then, I have enjoyed working with students of all ages as a school psychologist in Jefferson County.


As a school psychologist, I am engaged in school-based counseling, psychoeducational testing including cognitive, executive functioning, adaptive, and social-emotional-behavioral assessments, writing and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and consultation with parents, teachers, and outside agencies.


I am also well-versed in special education law, policy, and procedures. I have presented at the Colorado Reading First Conference as well as at various school district in-services.   

Nationally Renowned Mentors

Throughout the course of my clinical training, I was fortunate to have trained with leading researchers in the areas of learning disabilities and attentional disorders. While working in the Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic at the University of Denver, I trained with Dr. Bruce Pennington and Dr. Marge Riddle. I also trained with Dr. Bruce Bender while externing in the Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic at National Jewish Health. Then, under a variety of mentors highly respected in their fields, I continued my assessment of learning, attentional, and developmental disabilities during my pre-doctoral internship in the Division of Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Teaching and Mentorship

Over the course of my career with Jeffco Schools, I have enjoyed mentoring numerous school psychology practicum students and interns.


I have also had the pleasure of serving as a part-time faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the then-named Metropolitan State College of Denver, and in the Graduate School Psychology Program within the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Denver.


While teaching at Metro State, I was honored to receive the Psi Chi Outstanding Professor of the Year award (4/28/10).


It was always extremely gratifying to see my students grow in knowledge, skill, and confidence. 

Professional Affiliations

The Key to Learning? Never Stop

I take pride in the work I do and have earned the respect of my colleagues and students entrusted to my care. I owe those I work with, and for, nothing less than my best effort always.


Put My Experience to Work For You

Call to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone introduction to see if a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation makes sense for your child. You may also click below to register for my secure messaging portal, where you can then message me with any questions or request a copy of Frequently Asked Questions about the evaluation process (just ask for the FAQs!)    





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