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Dr. O.,

I wanted to share with you the excellent praise that I received from the executive director at The [XYZ] Academy in Minneapolis, regarding your report.  He has been working in the field teaching ADHD, dyslexic, autistic and children with learning disabilities for over 30 years.  He shared with me that your report was among the top 10 reports that he had ever read.  He felt it was well thought out and thorough as well as empathetic.  I was so impressed with his praise, I felt I should pass it along to you. 


We appreciate the care and kindness of Dr. O in helping us identify our 8th grade son as dyslexic and ADHD.  When I first spoke with Dr. O, he was very supportive in hearing our story and what we were seeing with our son.  He was great at explaining the different aspects of the testing, as well as answering all of my questions including a follow up call.  We felt confident in his skills from our conversations, as well as his credentials.  Our son was very disengaged with school, and we were relieved when Dr. O reported that our son had worked hard during the 2 days of testing.  Dr. O’s demeanor is very kind, and I’m sure that helped keep our son on track for the testing.  Dr. O’s report was very thorough and has been a great tool for us to move forward in supporting our son with the school, and tutor.  And the resources he listed, books, websites, etc., have been very helpful too.  We feel fortunate to have found Dr. O and appreciate his support, professionalism, and knowledge through this process.  Thank you, Dr. O!


I couldn't have graduated or moved on in my school life without you!  Thank you for helping me figure out how I can do my best in school! (and life in general).  -High School Senior


Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, patient and responsive.  Dr. O was so wonderful working with our son and answering all of our questions.  Highly recommend for testing your child.  His report was very detailed and full of great resources.  We are so thankful for being introduced to Dr. O. 


Dr. Ognibene provided our middle school-age son with a psychoeducational evaluation because we had concerns about his reading comprehension skills.  Dr. O's report was extremely thorough, and I appreciated the time he spent to explain the significance of the tests and his recommendations.  I would definitely recommend Dr. O's services to anyone seeking help with educational needs for their child. 


Thank you so much for your time, insights, and thorough explanations. It has been absolutely wonderful to work with you. I'm so grateful that you answered my call that evening and that the two places I called before reaching you went straight to voicemail.  It proves the adage that the third time's the charm...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your evaluation, report, and conversations have helped us better understand and support [our child].


…We are grateful to you for your time, thoroughness, expertise and care…

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